My name is Ties Timmers. I’m a booking agent at Radar Agency, manage the podcasts ‘De Eeuw van de Amateur’ and ‘Radio Dakhaas’ and play guitar in my band Het Bewind.

I used to work for the Dutch NTR, a public broadcasting company. There, I created “Winfrieds Woonkamer” and many other shows on NPO Radio 6.  I was also a part of 3VOOR12/Utrecht where I managed a radioshow about the music scene of Utrecht. And I was promoter for the SJU Jazzpodium in Utrecht where I had my own weekly funk & soul night. I was also involved with the startup of Super-Sonic Jazz (Paradiso), I created many interactive concepts for festivals and organised many events, and there’s more… follow me on instagram if you want to know what I’m up to now.

Need live music? A radio-concept? Want to create an entire event?
Contact me at info<insert the ‘at’ sign here>tiestimmers.nl

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